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Buzarovski Archive (BuzAr) is a digital collection of video, audio, photos, books, papers, scores and other artifacts related to Balkan cultures and traditions. The collection is based on Dimitrije Buzarovski's musical scores, performances, video and audio recordings, digitised cultural heritage, and musicological and ethnomusicological works.

Established: October 15, 2012

Starting from December 1, 2014, BuzAr Collections will be available online in streaming format. Selected items from the collections will be posted periodically.

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Buzarovski Works
Nocturnes op. 49

Dimitrije Buzarovski
Nocturnes op. 49 (2000)
Performed by the author

The Nine Nocturnes for Piano are a part of the cycle Nocturnes (Vecherinki), inspired by Macedonian folk songs.
The compositional technique used by Dimitrije Buzarovski is mainly based on Chopin/Liszt pianistic tradition.
In  accordance with his multi-stylistic and multi-genre approach, he applies the techniques of impressionism,
neoclassicism, jazz etc. Although this composition develops a plot from the first to the last nocturne, each movement
has its own story and can be performed individually. 

Beautiful Angja (mp3)

Listen beautiful Angja to the sound of the tambura. The music calls you, beautiful Angja, to be my wife. To be my wife, to count gold coins... No, I do not want to be your wife, and count gold coins...
In the Vlachs mahala (mp3)

In the Vlachs mahala , there are tall yellow houses. In front of the door, Ilchov's daughter was sitting and embroidering. Stojan came up and asked for a drink of water. When she offered him the bottle, he grabbed her hand...
Maiden, cut your blond hair (mp3)

Maiden, cut your blond hair, make a ladder for me to climb and see your fair face and slender neck. Tell me the truth maiden, what makes you so beautiful? Do you love me or are you teasing me just for fun?
Jovano, Jovanke/A falcon drinks water on the Vardar river (mp3)

Jovano you are bleaching fabric in the Vardar, and your heart aches because your mother does not allow you to come to me, my dear...
A falcon drinks water on the Vardar. Falcon, you brave bird, did you come across a hero with nine bullet wounds and the tenth from a knife...
Tell me Katinke (mp3)

Tell me Katinke, in which night should I come and stand in front of your doors? Which words should I say? I am ill without illness...
Despina (mp3)

... He came to the door and knocked with a present for Despina. When she opened the door he said - I have brought you this present so that you will not forget me...
Dafino, red wine (mp3)

Dafino, red wine, your lover has fallen asleep in the black mountain. The bandits have come and stolen his sheep-skin coat. I don't care about his sheep-skin coat, I only care about him.
The engagement of Donka/Set oh, you bright sun (mp3)

Free-spirited Donka got engaged. Her friends and neighbors came to congratulate her. Do not congratulate me, but ask my mother why she promissed me to someone so far away.
Set oh, you bright sun, set and fade away ! And you moon, go away and sink into the water! Mourn, you forest, together with me - you, for your leaves, and me for my youth. You will get your leaves back, but my youth will never return.

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