Frans De Ruiter
Quality Assessment through Accreditation

Jere Humphreys
Influences of Cultural Policy on Education in Music and the other Arts

Simon Young
Cultural Policy and Lifelong Learning

Stefanos Gialamas and Sofia Hilentzaris
Introducing and Promoting Music in a New Environment

Andreas Lorenz
European Network of Cultures – The Wandering and Adventures Have to Continue

Andreas Papastamou
New Tools for Cultural Policy and Music Education in Southeastern Europe: Creating Strategic Partnerships

Goce Kolarovski
FMU and the Bologna Declaration: Trends and Tendencies

Christopher Caine
Experimential Learning: An Experiment in Conservatoire Training

Dieter Ringli
What Should We Teach Future Musicians in the 21st Century?

Dimitrije Buzarovski
Teaching Music Composition in 21st century - The Kingdom of Loops

Aida Islam
The Non-institutional Forms of Music Education in the Turkish Communities of Macedonia

Ivona Opetcheska Tatarchevska
Macedonian Traditional Dances and Educational Policy in Macedonia (Development Aspects)

Velika Stojkova Serafimovska
The Principles of Building of the National Institution Ensemble for Folk Dances and Songs “Tanec”  - Basic Program Policy

Aleksandar Dimitrijevski
Music Education of Ethnopop Musicians in Macedonia

Dimitrios Vassilakis
Jazz Education Topics: The Need for Jazz Education

Eleni Novakovska
The Function of Music Libraries in Music Education in Macedonia

Irena Mitevska
The Internet and FMU Students

Tereza Babamova
The Use of the Internet for Self-education by the Students at NOVA Primary and High School in Skopje (Test survey)

Darko Ilievski
Manuals as a Source of Self-education

Viktorija Kolarovska Gmirja
The Music Experience and Taste of Elementary School First Grade Students in Skopje (pilot research)

Stefanija Leshkova
Music Education versus  the Preferences of  Music Genres in the Central Region of Skopje in March-August 2004

Grigoris Zarras
Only Soul

Vesna Maljanovska
Music Presence in the TV Programs of the Five National TV Channels in Macedonia

Aleksandar Trajkovski
The Role of Personality in Cultural and Educational Policy  (Macedonian post-war music activists)

Julijana Zhabeva
Music Education in Veles (1900-1941)

Tanja Ivanova
EMS “Ordan Mihajlovski Ockata” in Prilep and the Cultural Policy of the Town

Suzana Stojanovska
The Role of the Elementary Music School “Vaso Karajanov” in Gevgelija’s Cultural Life