Cultural Policy and Music Education
XI IRAM Conference

January 24-25, 2006


Tobiasson Bossen
Music as a Language for Democratization

Simon Young
Music in the Community: Developing Professional Skills for Students in Higher Education

Algis Zaboras
The Lituanian Choral Festivals – a Cultural Phenomenon

Zarko Mirkovic
Two Strategic Decisions –  a Backward Glance

Senad Kazic
Music Education in BiH: a Need of Luxury

Milorad Kenjalovic 
Strategic Directions of the Development of the Education and Culture in Republic of Srpska with a Particular Emphasis on the Area of Music Education

Andreas Papastamou -
Social Marketing and Music Education

Dimitrije Buzarovski
The Ethics of Music Journalism

Marinos Kahrilas
Social perceptions of Tradition, Musical Policy and the Revival of a Forgotten Musical Instrument: A Case Study of the Tambouras

Goce Kolarovski
Copyright and Music Education

Aida Islam
Music Education in the Ottoman Period in Macedonia

Mirjana Pavloska-Shulajkovska
The Influence of the Cultural Policy on the Development of Classical Music Vocal Practice in Macedonia 1944-1964

Vladimir Talevski
Music Theory and Harmony in High Music Schools in Macedonia in 1940s-1960s

Aleksandar Trajkovski
Music Education in the Elementary Music Schools in Macedonia 1945-1962

Marjan Jankovski
Folk Instruments in Additional Educational Activities of the Elementary Schools

Viktorija Kolarovska-Gmirja
Gordon Test in Macedonia

Dirona Sokolovksa-Markovikj
Music Education in Skopje’s Kindergartens

Froska Duganovska-Sapundjieva 
Images of the Melodic Lines of the Second Grade Elementary School Students in Gostivar

Suzana Sojanovska /Tanja Ivanovska
Music Culture of the First Grade Students of Elementary Schools in Gevgelija and Prilep

Andrijana Janevska
Elementary Music School “Panche Peshev” in Kumanovo

Zlatko Boshkovski
Elementary Music School “ Petre Bogdanov-Kochko” in Gostivar

Stefanija Leshkova-Zelenkovska
DJ Culture in Skopje in 2004

Trena Jordanoska / Dojrana Prokopieva
Music Presence in Four Macedonian Newspapers in the period November 21-28, 2005

Valon Kryeziu
Music Programs of the Albanian Language TV Channels in Skopje Area

Irena Mitevska
Online Flute Education

Roza Nolcheva
Jeunesses Musicales Macedonia - an Overview of Targets and Activities

Neda Maretic
Educative Role of the Local Radio Programs Broadcasted in Skopje in December 2005

Tamara Basaric
Lecturing of Harmony