Culture and Music

XVII IRAM Conference

Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
January 21-22, 2011

Organized with the Institute for Sociological Political and Juridical Research


Dimitrije Buzarovski
iPhone, YouTube, Avatar and Neuroscience

Petar Atanasov
Cultural Exclusion, Ethnic Distance and National Identity

Ganka Cvetanova
The Role of Digitization in the Process of Preservation and Presentation of Cultural Heritage

Slavejko Sasajkovski & Ljubica Micanovska
The Foundation and the Building of the Cultural Policies of the EU

Nikolina Ognenska
The Role of Today’s Music Teacher in the European Qualification System Concerning Lifelong Study

Viktorija Kolarovska-Gmirja
Music Teacher in the Contemporary Education Process

Sonja Marinkovic
Identities of Serbian Music in the World Cultural Context

Aida Islam & Stefanija Leshkova-Zelenkovska
The Cultural Identity and Its Reflection on the Mystical Spiritual Music Tradition in the Republic of Macedonia in the XXI Century

Eleonora Serafimovska & Marijana Markovik
The Personal Experience of Epic Macedonian Folk Song - Emoticons, Messages and Spiritual Feelings Transmitted through Epic Macedonian Folk Song

Aleksandar Dimitrijevski
The Use of the Accordion in the Macedonian Traditional Music

Sonja Zdravkova-Džzeparoska
Social Changes and Implications in the Dance Sphere

Bojana Naumovska
Small Parties as a Result of Different Cultures (case study Germany, Croatia, Macedonia)

Dijana Stojanovic Djordjevic
The Impact of Culture on the Creation of Public Opinion

Goran Ilikj
The Anthem of European Union: Axiological Demarcation of European Unification

Trena Jordanoska
Born digital in Macedonia - musical genre profile

Tihomir Jovic
Polyphony in the Composition Passacaglia for a Hero by Tomislav Zografski

Velika Stojkova Serafimovska
Musicality as a Factor of the Evolution in the Music Tradition (on examples from Radovish region)

Ivona Opetcheska-Tatarchevska
Demythologization of the “Teshkoto” Dance

Margarit Rusev
Technologies and Technical Instruments Used for Singing Accompaniment in School

Ekaterina Josifovska
Song Repertoire and the Formation of National Identity Awareness among Elementary School Students

Ankica Vitanova
The Role of the Teacher - Mentor in the Music Education

Ankica Vitanova & Marija Apostolova
Music and ICT in Primary Education

Lenche Nasev
Integration of ICT within Music Education

Tanja Ivanovska
Music Affinities and Initial Knowledge in the Arts of Music of the Students Who Get in the Secondary Schools

Emilija Popovićc
Primary Music Schools Marketing

Oliver Oliver
Contemporization of the Solfeggio Methodology

Pavlina Veljanovska
30 years Primary Music School “Vladimir Arsovski” – Negotino

Program committee:
Prof. Dr. Dimitrije Buzarovski
Prof. Dr. Ganka Cvetanova
Prof. Dr. Petar Atanasov
  Prof. Dr. Trena Jordanoska