Contemporary Trends in Musicology and Ethnomusicology

X IRAM Conference

November 11 -12, 2005

Dimitrije Buzarovski
Is Musicology Science?

Simon Young
A Journey Through the Concerto for Piano and Wind, “Homages” by Edward Gregson

Todor Svetiev
The Structure of Piano Techniques in Domenico Scarlatti Sonatas

Ana Gaceva
Two Contemporary English Composers: Maxwell Davies and Harrison Birtwistle

Julijana Zhabeva
The Reconstruction of Music Life in Absence of Artifacts, Graphic and Written Materials

Mirjana Pavlovska
Sofia Neglobinska’s Influence on the Development of Music Life in Struga between World War I and World War II

Dieter Ringli
The «Old New Year’s Eve» – a Rural Swiss Yodeling Custom

Dragan Dautovski
The Sound Realization of the Ornaments from the Folk Music Tambura Performance Tradition in Macedonia

Tome Manchev
The Traditional Folk Instruments as Inspiration for Macedonian Contemporary Music Composers

Aleksandar Dimitrievski
The Influence of the Analog Recording Technology on the Final Product of Instrumental Ethnopop Music in the 1980s in Macedonia

Irena Mitevska
Comparison between the Transcriptions and Audio Materials of the IRAM Digitized Collections of Zhivko Firfov

Eleni Novakovska
Digitization of the Photos from the Vasil Hadzimanov Legacy

Recep Uslu
Some Mythologic Elements in Turkish Music

Aida Islam
The Rural Tradition of the Contemporary Turkish Community in Macedonia

Bülent Aksoy
Ottoman Music within the Makam Traditions of Middle-Easter Art Music: An Overview

Andreas Papastamou
Orchestrating Creative Changes: the Role of Marketing in the Arts

Marija Kimova
Comparative Analysis of the Chords  in the Cantatas “Divine Mother” and “Mirror” by Stojan Stojkov

Valentina Velkovska-Trajanovska
Some Characteristics of Richard Strauss' Orchestral Texture

Viktorija Kolarovska-Gmirja
Determinants of the Music Culture of Elementary School 1st Grade Students in Skopje

Milica Skaric
The Influence of Improvisation on Aural and Musical score Analysis Achievement of Beginning Piano Students
Trena Jordanoska
The Supply of Music CDs in the Retail Stores of the Capital of Republic of Macedonia - Skopje